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Policy is not getting assigned when a new machine joins an org/machine group

Problem: When a new machine joins the organization/machine group, the policy is not getting assigned.


Cause: The newly added agent either doesn't fall within the view applied to the Policy or the Policy Deploy event hasn't run.



1. Make sure that the view that is assigned to the policy is associated with the machine. You can do this by reviewing the View and use, then navigate to Manage Agents and apply the same View. If you cannot see the agent in question then the View is preventing the Policy Deployment.


2. If it is, go to Policy-->Settings and make sure that you have a deployment interval set


If you do, please toggle the interval, meaning if the interval was set to 10 minutes, change it to 30 minutes and go back to 10 minutes. If you are still having issues, please remove the policy from the organization/machine group and reapply it again.

If you continue to have issues, please create a Support Ticket.

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