Restore page shows "no backups available to restore" when attempting to restore offline agent with no completed backup


  • when trying to restore an offline agent using Kaseya Data Backup (KDB), the Restore page reports "There are no backups available to restore from this machine" OR only old restore points are available


  • log history for the offline agent show that some files were backed up since the last available restore point, but no backup ran to completion. All backups were either cancelled or an exception was logged with network related errors (example below)





KDB maintains a backup database on the agent, which is backed up to the storage server at the end of each backup job. The database is critical to the restore process, because backups are done at sector level and encryption is used.

When restoring to an agent other than the agent that created the backup (guest restore), the latest restore point will be the last time the database was backed up (even though the raw data exists in the backup store for newer backups).

If no backup has ever ran to completion, the agent's database is not backed up, so the backed up files cannot be restored (even though the raw data exists in the backup store).



Restore will only be possible if the "KOBdb" sub-folder of Kaseya agent installation directory (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\KSAASC18937046962040\KOBdb) can be recovered from the backup source computer.

In this case, use the following steps: -

1) locate the "KOBdb" sub-folder of the agent installation directory

2) copy the contents to the same directory on the restore target machine

3) attempt the restore again - it should now display restore points up to the date of the recovered database files


Preventive recurrence

If backups consistently complete with exceptions, check to ensure there is no network error similar to the example above. If so, investigate the reason for the error (usually it is caused by unstable network connection or errors on the storage server).


Applies to

Kaseya Data Backup (KDB) - all versions

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