How do I activate the KOB Billing process?


How do I activate the KOB Billing Process?


 1. You will need to have access to your Kaseya Customer Portal account.
The portal is located at Accounts can be requested from the portal if not set up yet. 
Kaseya Customer Service can help answer Portal activation questions if necessary.

 2. Online Backup is like a utility (electricity, gas, etc): the service is either ON/OFF and billed according to consumption/usage.



In order to purchase Online Backup, you must go through the following steps:

 1. Download and install Online Backup

Download KOB.exe from the Kaseya website and install on the customers Kaseya server.

 2. Login to Customer Portal

At the end the 14-day free trial, the administrator will be prompted that your trial of Online

Backup has expired with instructions to navigate to the Kaseya Portal to enable your account for continued use.

You will be instructed to navigate to the Customer Portal (, and select the “Kaseya Portal > My Account > Online Backup” link in the left pane. 

 3. Review pricing and terms

You need to review the pricing, and accept the terms and conditions (click the check-box below), then press “Activate Billing”.

Note: there is NO quantity, number of seats or agents, number of license to specify. This is not a shopping cart. This procedure is just about activating the Online Backup service and associating it with a credit card number.

 4. Select Credit Card

You then need to select the credit card you want to use for your monthly Online Backup bill. The credit cards currently on file are listed on the page below.

After selection of the credit card, select “Purchase”. This process activates the system. The first invoice will be processed in 30 days.

 5. Confirmation

This page just confirms that payment has been set up for Online Backup.

Nothing is billed at this point. Online Backup charges will hit your credit card at the end of the cycle, i.e. about 30 days after viewing this message.


Congratulations, Online Backup is now activated on your Kaseya Server!



How do I add a new Credit Card?

 1. Add a new credit card

Instead of using one of the credit cards on file, you can choose to add a new credit card to the list, and use it for Online Backup charges.

 2. Fill new credit card form

The following form needs to be filled and the information saved.

 3. Online Backup page updated

Once you have activated the KOB billing, the Online Backup page will be updated with Invoice and Real-time usage information. The pricing will also still be accessible.

You will then be able to set up reports within Kaseya to show you the usage for Online Backup per customer site so you can bill your customers accordingly.


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