Including/Excluding Files and Directories in KDB


How do I include / exclude Files and Directories in KDB?


KDB uses the following order of precedence for including and excluding files and directories. The lower the number, the higher the priority.


Type of Profile Entry

Precedence priority

Include File


Exclude size > X


Exclude File Type*


Exclude File


Include Folder


Exclude Folder


Include File Type*



* Environment Variables work like include/exclude file types as well


These include/exclude priorities apply any combination of the two methods of including/excluding files and directories:

  • Directory and file selection using the explorer tree on the Schedules page.
  • Selections made to user profiles in the Backup Profiles page.

Example 1

Include: C:\Folder\Temp\File.txt
Exclude File Type: .txt

Result: backup will include: C:\Folder\Temp\File.txt, because Include File has highest precedence.


Example 2

Include File Type: .doc .xls .pdf
Exclude Folder: C:\SomeFolder\IngoreDirectory

Result: all files will be backed up with the file types except for the excluded folder. Anytime you have an include file type a list of fixed drives is obtained from the system and eg. C:, D:, F: and all files of the following include file types are backed up. This rule of include file type is applied to all folders under scanned drives.


Example 3

Include Environment Variable: %MyDocuments%
Exclude Folder: C:\Users\John.Doe

Result:  all My Documents will be backed up except for the excluded folder for a specific user. An environment variable behaves as an include file type so this is the one case where an excluded folder has higher priority over an included folder.


Example 4

Include Folder: C:\Folder\Temp
Exclude Folder: C:\Folder\Temp\Foo

Result: C:\Folder\Temp and all sub-directories will be included, except for C:\Folder\Temp\Foo which has an exclusion applied.


Example 5

Include Variable: C:\Folder\Temp
Exclude Folder: C:\Folder

Result: C:\Folder and all subdirectories will be excluded, except for c:\Folder\Temp which has an inclusion applied.

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