Software Deployment URL & Port Requirements

What is required for Software deployment to work?


The following sites must be accessible on the specified ports.
-Kserver has access to on port 443
-Agents should have access to

- on port 443 on port 80 on port 80 on port 80

The following exclusions must also be set on the Agents and Kaseya Server.

AV/Firewall have exceptions for the following:

C:\Program Files\Kaseya\
C:\Program Files x86\Kaseya\

Set exclusions for Microsoft SQL in C:\Program Files\MSSQL and C:\Program Files x86\MSSQL

In the designated <AgentWorkingDirectory>:

Curl-nossl.exe (for download via HTTP)
KRlyCLis.exe (For remote control connections)
KRlyCCon.exe (For FTP & remote control connections)
kfxxxxx.exe (For FTP connections - where xxxxx is a random number)
KPrtPng.exe (For LANWatch and monitoring)
Psexec.exe (For remote installation of Agents via LANWatch)
KOCheck.exe (For BUDR Offsite replication)
KORepCln.exe (For BUDR Offsite replication)

In Agent install folder:

Agentmon.exe (Main Kaseya agent traffic)
KaUpdHlp.exe (Update helper for updating agent and local kaseya files)
KaUsrTsk.exe (For executing kaseya scripts as a user, and spawning new processes)

In Windows: -

\windows\system32\drivers\kaseyaha.sys and kapfa.sys

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