Machine rebooted due to Windows Patching


The machine rebooted due to Windows Patching


Possible causes the machine rebooted can be:

  • Initial updates were scheduled to run on this machine: This type of update will send patches to the machine and reboot the machine as needed until it has completed the process, It essentially ignores the reboot action selected on the Patch Management page =>reboot action.
  • Windows Auto Update is not "disabled" therefore the machine patched using Local Windows Update. in this case, check if Patch management => Configure => Windows Auto Update is set to disable or if user settings are selected. If this is not set to disabled check Agent logs > Configuration Changes> an entry such as below will show, indicating Kaseya Patch Management did not cause the reboot:


You can also see from Patch Management =>Machine History, select a patch number that Windows Update locally shows as installed on the date the  issue happened and look at the installed date, if it says "unknown"  please refer to this KB article:

  • Windows Patching was selected to run by a user. This can be viewed via Agent module =>Agent logs => Agent configuration changes. A log will indicate if a user scheduled this to run at that time.
  • The agent was offline last time it tried to patch and the patching schedule had Skip if offline not selected. Check on Agent module >Agent logs> Agent configuration changes, it will show the patches schedule started but there are no agent logs on "agent procedure logs". If "Skip if offline " is blank and the machine was offline, patches will execute as soon as the machine comes back online. 




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