Alert for Patch Scan.

Question: Is there any alert for Patch Scan completion?

Answer: These are the four alerts available for patching - these can be found via Monitor module > Alerts > Patch Alert (drop-down menu): 


Note: There are no other alerts in the VSA for Patch Scan completion or installation. Only agent procedure logs can confirm the successful installation of the patch and you can create alerts for Agent Procedures.

Now, if you want the alerts for successful agent procedures, then you need to create a PowerShell script which would help in pulling these logs from the SQL and then you can have an agent procedure to trigger the alerts for these logs. Creating this PowerShell script and agent procedure for alerts can be configured by Kaseya Professional Services team. Please contact your Account Manager to get the ProServ assistance. 

Alternatively, you may use the script available through our Automation Exchange website:



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