Best Practices: Online Scan vs. Offline Scan


What is the difference between the online patch scan and the offline patch scan? When should I use either?


In Patch Management, users have the option of using either an online scan or an offline scan. The online scan is the preferred scan method and the system default.

The Online scan scans for Microsoft Updates against the Microsoft Update Catalog via the Internet.

The Offline Scan scans for Microsoft Updates against a .cab file called that is copied to the local agents working directory from the Kaseya server at the time the scan is run. This file is a Microsoft file that contains ONLY the most current, active service packs, security updates, and update roll-ups.  no other patches are included.  It is very limited.  Where the online catalog might contain hundreds of thousands of patches, the .cab file might contain only a few thousand.

If the endpoints have sufficient internet access, we recommend using the Primary Data Source. However, for endpoints that have limited or no internet access except to the Kaseya server, we recommend using the Offline Scan source to scan for Microsoft Updates.

To change your machines to use the 'Offline' Scan source, simply go to Patch Management > Scan Machine, select the machines you'd like to configure and click on the 'Offline' button.


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