Cancel Update vs Terminate Update


What is the difference between Cancel Updates and Terminate Updates?


On the Patch Management > Cancel Updates page, you have the choice to 'Cancel Updates' and 'Terminate Updates'.

The Cancel Updates page clears all manually scheduled patch installations on selected machine IDs. This includes patches scheduled manually via the 'Machine Update' and 'Patch Update' page. Canceling Updates does not clear patch installations that have already started. 

The Cancel Updates page can also terminate currently running patch installation processes. A Terminate button displays next to the machine name when a patch installation is being processed. Termination deletes existing patch installation procedures for the selected machine, and the installation process ends after the currently running procedure completes.

If you would like to cancel manually scheduled patches from installing on an endpoint, you can cancel them via the 'Cancel Updates' page. This will not cancel updates that are scheduled via Initial Update or Automatic Update. For Initial Update and Automatic Updates, you will need to cancel them directly from the 'Initial Update' and 'Automatic Update' pages.

The Terminate function is best used for canceling processes that have already been kicked off on an endpoint. Once you click on the 'Terminate' button on an endpoint that has already begun patching, the process will wait till the current running procedure is done running before the process kicks in. 

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