KaseyaOne Overview

KaseyaOne is the central Hub for the Kaseya IT Complete portfolio and we are excited to have finally launched! As you may know the IT Complete portfolio is Commercially Integrated, Technically integrated, Intelligent and priced right.

At the current time, KaseyaOne will provide customers with access to the following set of capabilities:

  • Log In with IT Complete - Unified Single Sign-on access to all of your Kaseya IT Complete modules from a single location in KaseyaOne
  • Consolidated access to Support - Unified access to your Kaseya support tickets, for all Kaseya modules, from a single location in KaseyaOne.
  • *Billing Portal access- Unified view to all of your Kaseya Subscriptions and Invoices with access to the Billing portal for managing payments.
  • Cooper Intelligence Engine - Cooper will provide insights into how to better use your Kaseya modules.
*Note: This feature is currently limited to invoices billed from Kaseya. Invoices for self-service products is planned for a future release.

And many more capabilities will be introduced in the near future! Please check out the rest of the articles in this section to learn more about KaseyaOne.


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