Deploying a new device or application signature


How do I deploy a new device or application signature?



When deploying a new device signature file, please follow the below steps:

  •  Copy the rule file to <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\monitors (on the BVE) (SaaS customers - kindly open a support ticket and attach the rule file there. Support will notify you once the files are made available on the SaaS server)

  •  Log into the traverse web application as superuser (or admin-level user)

  •  Navigate to the 'Superuser --> Health' page and confirm in the revisions column that the configuration has just been updated on the appropriate (DGE or DGEx) server.  If necessary wait a minute or so, then refresh the page.

  •  Navigate to Superuser --> Health --> left click on the gear/more options icon (three dots) for the BVE and all DGEs/DGEXs and select 'Reload Configuration'

  (pre-9.5 SUPERUSER > HEALTH page)superuser_health.JPG

 (9.5 SUPERUSER > HEALTH page)


You should now be able to discover tests specific to the signature.



All versions of Traverse




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