Kaseya Anti-Malware upgrade to Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes has discontinued support for MBAM 1.8 recently on which KAM is based and we are upgrading our KAM customer base to the next version of this product under the Malwarebytes brand.     

All Kaseya customers with a valid KAM subscription will be migrated to Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, the latest generation Malwarebytes product.



Is KAM still providing protection against threats?

KAM still provides protection against existing threats, but is no longer receiving new definition updates. You must upgrade to Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection to ensure continued protection.

Can I use the existing KAM module with the new version of Malwarebytes?

No. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is managed using OneView, Malwarebytes's cloud management platform, along with a VSA plugin to synchronize your inventory and manage the client deployment process.

How do I get the new product?

An email was sent to all customers with active KAM subscriptions requesting that they accept the license terms for the new product. On acceptance, you will have an account provisioned in OneView, Malwarebytes' cloud management platform, along with a migration guide and video tutorial to guide you through the migration process.

If you have not already been contacted by Kaseya, please contact your Account Manager today.

Will I be billed for the upgrade?

No. Your subscription to KAM covers your upgrade to Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for the remainder of your agreement.  No billing terms or SKU changes will be made on your invoices.

My OneView instance has been provisioned but it shows as a trial with 100 endpoints. Why is this?

To expedite the upgrade, a trial account on OneView was created so that you can begin the process while Kaseya and Malwarebytes complete the provisioning process. This trial account will be automatically converted to a full account within 30 days.

The trial account is soft limited to 100 endpoints, but you can safely ignore this and fully deploy the software to your full KAM entitlement via the OneView console.

Converting Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection licenses from Trial to PAID through Oneview


Migration Guide:



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