Classic KAM Module - Install request timed out


Kaseya Antimalware (KAM) install fails and logs the following Install Error :-

Failed: Install request timed out


And the KAM Install Log (located under the working directory of the agent) shows the following error:
Error writing to registry key:
RegSetValueEx failed; code 5.
Access is denied.


This is a permissions issue. The agent credentials have either not been specified on the 'Agent > Set Credential' page, or the credentials specified do not have permission to run the installation. You must specify local admin credentials here to run commands on the agent, such as install commands, which cannot be run by any user and that require administrative rights.



From here you need to set local admin credentials here, test the credentials to ensure they pass successfully, then attempt another installation.
You will need to run a fresh install under these new credentials with added privileges by following the below steps :-

- uninstall KAM through the Antimalware module (to return the license if one was applied)
- use the KAM remover tool to fully remove all files on the endpoint:
- delete the \KAM folder found in the agent working directory
- reboot the machine
- reinstall KAM


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