End-of-life notice for Kaseya Antivirus (KAV)

Given the FCC’s recent decision to add Kaspersky to its National Security Threat list, we are urging our small number of remaining KAV customers to upgrade to our best-in-class AV solution, powered by Bitdefender ASAP.  

We are terminating support for KAV on May 31st, 2022 so upgrading to our new, comprehensive, and safer solution is not just a necessity, but an urgent requirement. 

Your upgrade options are simple, cost-effective, and offer more comprehensive protection than the current KAV-only or KAV+KAM product combination.  You also have the option to add-on advanced features of BitDefender including Advanced Threat Security (ATS), Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) or Full Disk Encryption. You can view product comparisons here. 

To help make this upgrade process as simple as possible, we will allow a reasonable grace period where both solutions continue to operate to give you the time necessary to complete the upgrade. Our migration guide (requires login to helpdesk.kaseya.com) describes the steps you will need to take to install the Bitdefender VSA plugin and upgrade your endpoints to the new engine. 

A email communication was sent to all customers with active KAV subscriptions in early April. If you have endpoints protected by KAV and have not already started the upgrade process, please contact your Account Manager today.

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