Antivirus / Antimalware client installation fails - "agent has not been provisioned yet"


Antivirus or Antimalware client installation fails with this error - "Could not add job to scheduler: Agent has not been provisioned yet."




The Kaseya Endpoint service has failed to be provisioned on the VSA. Starting in VSA 9.3, the new Antivirus and Antimalware modules, as well as the new Live Connect, are dependent on this service.


Resolution steps are dependent on the specific circumstances of provisioning failure.

Please provide Kaseya support with the following logs so that the exact cause can be investigated: -


Agent (the computer that you are trying to install KAV/KAM client to):

Agent Endpoint service logs:

  • Windows XP and 2003:         C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaseya\Log\Endpoint
  • Windows Vista and later:       C:\ProgramData\Kaseya\Log\Endpoint\
  • OSx:                                           /Library/Logs/com.kaseya/Endpoint/

If there are no files present in the above locations, the following logs will be needed: -

Agent service log (Windows) or system log (OSx): 

  • Windows:                                 C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\[serverGUID]\agentmon.log
  • OSx:                                           /var/log/system.log

Agent install log:

File location depends on OS and whether it was fresh install or upgrade from earlier version. Details can be found here.


VSA Logs (if on-premise):


Edge service:           C:\ProgramData\Kaseya\Log\KaseyaEdgeServices\

API:                             C:\Kaseya\api\v1.0\logs\

Certificate creation:
- C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Kaseya\Log\MakeSelfSignedCert.exe\
- C:\Kaseya\WebPages\install\makecert.txt


Applies to

VSA 9.3 and above

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