What happens if I change the email address of a user?

Spanning Backup accounts are tied directly to the username of the user in your domain.  So, when a username is changed in the Google admin console for a user that is currently receiving daily backup from Spanning Backup, that user’s old username retains an active license in the Spanning License Manager.  This user can be seen at the bottom of the user list in the License Manager under the “Deleted Google Users” heading.  Additionally, the new username also displays in the License Manager, but with no license assigned, as this is a ‘new’ user for Spanning Backup.


If you are comfortable with everything that is currently in the user’s Google Account, you can simply switch the license from the old username to the new username.  This treats the new username as a “new” account and performs the initial backup of all content that is currently in the account.


If you feel that you might want to restore data from when the account had the old username at some point in the future, then you will need to perform a cross-user restore of the backup data from the old username to the new username, so that the old backup data is also stored in the new user’s account.  Once you have restored all data into the new user’s account, you can unassign the license from the old username and re-assign it to the new username.  It is important to remember, however, that after a user hasn’t had an assigned license for 30 days, Spanning purges the backup data from our servers.


If you want to ensure that you retain all of the backup data from both the old username and new username, you will need to have 2 active licenses: one for each username.


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