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Automated License Purchasing in Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Running out of licenses can be a problem that increases data loss risk if your organization is growing very rapidly or has a lot of rotation in staffing. To ensure you always have the right number of available licenses to protect your newly on-boarded users Spanning Backup for Google Workspace supports the ability to automatically purchase licenses when needed.


Automated License Purchasing together with Automatic License Assignment ensures that new users are never unprotected.



  1. Login to Spanning Backup for Google Workspace as a Global Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Users -> Manage Licenses
  3. The Automatically assign licenses to new users feature must be enabled as a prerequisite.
  4. Check the Automatically purchase licenses for new users checkbox.
  5. If you see a warning message at the top or if the setting selections are not being correctly saved, please contact


Note: For customers using the old, Automated License Purchasing feature this feature flag will automatically be re-enabled for you in the new license management experience.

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