BMS-VSA Integration | Nightly jobs


This article provides a solution for the BMS nightly jobs failure between On-Prem VSA and BMS.

Applies to:

  • VSA OnPrem users
  • Active RMM integration with BMS and VSA

Note: This article has been updated with additional static IPs. IP addresses listed in the table below will have to be added to your whitelist.


We schedule nightly jobs to update data from VSA to BMS. Manual syncs are real-time, BMS servers directly communicate with VSA. Jobs like Periodic asset sync, Sync all assets, Get units automatically in contracts are scheduled as nightly jobs. These jobs are scheduled on servers that are hosted separately on the AWS Cloud Services. 

After our recent internal security update, communications between the nightly job servers and VSA were indicated to be blocked. To work around this, we advise all our OnPrem VSA customers to whitelist the following IPs:








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