Integrations IP Whitelist for On-Premises VSA

For VSA On-Premises installations, we have recommended limiting access to the VSA Web GUI to local IP addresses by blocking port 443 inbounds on your internet firewall.  Some integrations may require inbound access to your VSA server on port 443.  Below is a list of IP addresses you can whitelist in your firewall (allow 443 inbound to <VSA Server> FROM <IP Whitelist>), if you are using these integrations with your VSA On-Premises product:


BMS/Vorex IP Whitelist:,,,

For the BMS nightly sync, please make sure you have whitelisted the following IPs depending on the BMS location you are provisioned on.

BMS US or Vorex:

BitDefender IP Whitelist:,,,,,,,,


IT Glue IP Whitelist:,,,,,,,,

MSP Assist:,

MSP Builder:,,,

Passly/AuthAnvil IP Whitelist:, 

RapidFire Tools:

ScalePad: See their article at 

Spanning IP Whitelist:,,,,,,,

Traverse: Each customer has their own Traverse instance so they would need to whitelist the IP address they are using

Trend Micro:, ,,

Unitrends Backup/Kaseya Unified Backup IP Whitelist:

Webroot IP Whitelist:

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