Superseded Classic Remote-Control and Live Connect Functionality


Following a recent security review, the previous generation VSA Remote Control and Live Connect features have been superseded. This article describes how to leverage the latest generation Remote Control technology to replace use cases from the superseded module, describes the differences, and suggests alternative workflows where required. 

Allowing users to access their PC from a remote location 

This requirement is now securely supported by configuring remote users in VSA as standard users with limited roles and scope to enable new Live Connect and RC functions, including ticket management. Our near-term roadmap includes functionality to streamline the administration of this process. 

Remote Printer Sharing 

This functionality is defined and on the near-term roadmap. In the meantime, the workaround is to save the printable content to file and transfer locally for printing. 

Screen Sizing 

Full-screen mode is available in the new module through the picture in the picture. Similarly, fixed screen size can be accommodated by dragging to resize the window.  

Remote Screen Scaling 

Improved resolution scaling functionality to accommodate higher resolution monitors is on the near-term roadmap.  The temporary workaround is to reduce the resolution on the target system during the remote control session. 

No longer relevant features 

The following functionality is removed as no longer relevant due to advances in connection speeds or widely available alternative technologies.

Disable Desktop Wallpaper and Connection Throttling  

These features were originally implemented for very slow network connections and are no longer deemed relevant. These functions will be retired. 

Video chat 

This technology preceded the broad availability of commercial video conferencing tools. With the broad availability of Teams, Zoom, and similar products, this legacy technology has been removed. 

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