3rd party application on older Windows OS does not display correctly in KRC session


When remote controlling an agent with Windows Vista/2008 or earlier operating systems, a specific 3rd party application does not display correctly in the remote session.


There may be a conflict between the 3rd party application and the "Mirage driver" used by KRC.

The Mirage driver is a 3rd party "mirror driver" (or virtual display driver) used by default on agents running Windows Vista/2008 or earlier operating systems for performance optimization, but some applications do not work correctly with such drivers.


Disable the Mirage driver using the following steps: -

1) download the attached file - KaseyaRemoteControlHost.zip - and extract KaseyaRemoteControlHost.config

2) copy to the Kaseya agent installation directory on the agent machine in question - usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\[serverID]

With the config file in place, KRC sessions to the agent will not use the Mirage driver. The physical display adapter in the agent machine will be used instead.

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Remote Control) - R8 and later

Windows Vista/2008 or earlier operating systems


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