NCM Backup Fails in CentOS 7 for prior to Traverse 9.5.10


NCM backup fails in CentOS 7 which runs an older version of traverse (I.e Prior to the traverse release 9.5.10)



2019-04-18 15:04:32,690 j.s.PerlScriptProcessor[DGERequestProcessor-ConfigManagement--6648493052905134000-sapphirePerl]: (WARN ) Attempt to reload ZipTie/Adapters/Cisco/ aborted.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 29) line 1.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 29) line 1.





  • Download the new Perl Module from download link
  • unzip the perl.tar and copy the same to <Traverse_Home>/apps/ (If no Perl available)
  • Edit <Traverse_Home>/ect/  and change the location of the Perl Module for the below parameters:
  • Restart the monitor (DGE) component on the DGE/DGEx to reload these changes.

 Note: Traverse supports Perlv5.10 on centos 7 (To check use command:'<Path to Perl> -version')



Below the traverse release 9.5.10








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