SQL READ/WRITE Command in Agent Procedures Fails to Detect the .xml Files Placed in their Respective Folders.

Problem: The SQL READ/WRITE command in agent procedures fails to detect the .xml files placed in their respective folders if there is a corrupted .xml file there.

  • Below are the directories where you can find the .xml files in:

Cause: Kaseya checks these .xml files in the alphabetical order. So the .xml files that are alphabetically placed after the corrupted .xml file will not show up in the agent procedure editor. If the corrupted .xml file happens to be first, no .xml files in this folder will show up in the drop down menu in the agent procedure editor.

Resolution: Make sure to check if the syntax of the .xml code mentioned in the file is correct in accordance to our help-files, see below: 

Note: Also make sure to check if the .xml file is placed in the correct folder. Which means, the .xml files with SELECT queries should go in the SQLRead folder and files with UPDATE queries should go to SQLWrite folder.


Applies to: VSA 9.4 and above.

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