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Agent Procedures appear to be scheduled by a user that is no longer with the company


Someone who is no longer with the company or involved in running Kaseya procedures still appears to be running procedures on machines - their user name appears under the "Admin name" column on the Agent tab -> Schedule/Create page.


When a procedure is scheduled, the Kaseya user that did this is recorded against that schedule. From that point on, this user will always show as the person that scheduled the procedure. This is by design.

Even if the admin no longer has an account on the Kaseya system, their name will appear next to the schedule.

If deleting the admin from the system removed their name from this page, you would be left with procedures scheduled by "no one", so the schedule always stores the admin name, even if that admin has been removed.


The solution is to re-schedule the procedure again, with a different user, so that the procedure now shows as being scheduled by that user, rather than the original one.

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