KRC File and Folder Drag and Drop Feature


How does the new drag and drop feature work?


With the introduction of the drag and drop feature with VSA 9.5.1, this feature can transfer both files and folders and it is supported on multi-platform relationships for transfers. 
In version 1 of this feature, we support transfer from admin to the endpoint only. This feature is only for Kaseya Remote Control and not classic RC. 
  • From Windows admin to both Windows and macOS endpoints.
  • From macOS admin to both Windows and macOS endpoint

This feature is supported in all agent types:

  • Any Windows-based agent
  • macOS 32-bit and 64-bit agent

Remote Control file transfer supports three different connection modes:

  • 1-Click Session
  • Private Session
  • Shared Session

How Does it Work?

There is a pre-defined KRC Transfer File Directory that will be created on the agent(s), this directory is static and defined as: '%kworking%\KRCFileTransfer. When a file is dragged into the session, it will drop the file into that folder within the agent. The agent will then open a window on the endpoint machine after the successful transfer of at least 1 file. A progress bar will be displayed to the user ONLY when the total size of the file/folder meets or exceeds 8MB, otherwise, no progress bar will be visible. NOTE: if the transfer exceeds 5GB a message will be displayed "The total transfer size may be too large to finish before your session times out."

In the event that the agent does not have sufficient hard drive space for the incoming files or folders than an error dialogue box will be displayed.

Any logging for this feature will be logged into the Live Connect and Remote Control Host logs.



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