Changing Traverse Database Backup Location.

Note: These settings will need to be reinstated after an upgrade.

Question: How do I change my Traverse Database Backup Location? (This applies only to a Windows Installation)

Resolution: As a default, Traverse stores all Database backups(MySQL and Provisioning Database) in <Traverse Home>/database/backup. But this can be altered by following these steps: 

  • Navigate to <Traverse Home>\utils
  • Edit the "db_backup.cmd" file. (ensure that you create a copy of this file before making changes)
  • Edit the path for BACKUP_DIR to the desired location you wish to store the backups. 


For example, my desired directory is C:\temp


  • You will also need to edit NEW_BACKUP_DIR by removing %INSTALL_DIR%\ this ensures the MySQL databases are backed up to the new backup directory: 


  • It should look like this: 


  •  Save the changes.

Important Notes:

  • Please add a note when working with Support that these settings have been changed.
  • Other articles within the Knowledge Base assume that the database backups are in the default folder. If following those articles, appropriate substitutions referencing the new path must be made. 
  • Also note, the new path chosen must not slow the backup speed as this may have a negative impact on the performance of Traverse.
  • These settings will need to be reinstated after an upgrade.


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