Example BVE API CLI Commands

Question: I would like to query using the BVE API. How can I go about this?

Resolution: Please see the following commands and adapt as necessary as per Client Commands

Export all devices by Status and export to csv (Run on the BVE):

<TraverseHome>\utils>bveCLI.pl --host --port 7661 --username superuser --password SUPERUSERPASSWORD --exec "device.status status=unknown" --format csv --output unknownDevices.csv

Export all devices by Status and export to txt (Run on the DGE or DGEx):

<TraverseHome>\utils>bveCLI.pl --host BveIPAddress --port 7661 --username superuser --password SUPERUSERPASSWORD --exec "device.status status=unreachable"--output unreachableDevices.csv

List All Devices:

bveCLI.pl --host --port 7661 --username superuser --password traverse --exec  device.list devicename=*," --output AllDevices.txt

List All Tests:

bveCLI.pl --host --username superuser --password traverse --exec "test.list deviceName=*" --output testListAll11.txt

List All WMI Tests, CSV format:

bveCLI.pl --host --username superuser --password traverse --exec "test.list deviceName=*, testType=wmi" --output testListCSV.csv --format csv

Create SNMP System Uptime Test:

(Test 'System Uptime_cli' gets created and shared credential is auto applied.)

bveCLI.pl --host --user 195085 --pass xxxxx --exec "Test.create 'criticalthreshold=1800','devicename=IP_10.20.70.41_195085','resultmultiplier=1.0','resultprocessdirective=8','subtype=sys_uptime','testname=System Uptime_cli','testtype=snmp','warningthreshold=7200','maxvalue=0','snmpOId=.'"



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