Unable to Discover Interface Traffic/Util/Packet Metrics


I am unable to discover interface Traffic, Utilization, or Packets In/Out metrics.



By default, our interface signature will attempt to discover these interface metrics using the 64-bit counter version if the interfaces' reported ifSpeed (. is greater than 20,000,000 bits/second (or 650,000,000 for packet metrics).

Per http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2233.txt

"For interfaces that operate faster than 20,000,000 bits/second, and slower than 650,000,000 bits/second, 32-bit packet counters MUST be used and 64-bit octet counters MUST be used. For interfaces that operate at 650,000,000 bits/second or faster, 64-bit packet counters AND 64-bit octet counters MUST be used."



Make sure the device's SNMP agent is configured to report the 64-bit counters. They can be found under the OID table '.'.



However, some devices may support interface speeds > 20,000,000, but may not expose or support the 64-bit counters found under '.'.

  1. Download the custom signature attached to this KB
  2. Place the signature on the BVE server under <TRAVERSE_HOME>/plugin/monitors
  3. Log into the web UI as 'superuser' or admin level user
  4. Navigate to the SUPERUSER > HEALTH page
  5. Left-click on the gear icon (under the Action column) for the BVE server
  6. Repeat step 5 for all other server entries

The signature will allow discovery of the Traffic, Util, and Packets (limited to routers) In/Out metrics for all interface types. The interface must be administratively up and operationally up to discover these metrics.

NOTE: It is very likely that interfaces that support ifSpeeds > 20,000,000 with a lot of traffic to result in these 32-bit counters to roll over (reset to '0') frequently. This may lead to an 'unknown' severity at the time of roll over.



All version of Traverse







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