Unable to access NCM, netconf.log shows "bundles failed to start"


NCM component starts is listed as running, but unable to access the NCM through the UI. The netconf.log shows various errors:

  • unable to create resource with unique name ziptie-ds
    bitronix.tm.resource.ResourceConfigurationException: cannot create JDBC datasource named ziptie-ds
  • "3 bundles failed to start"
  • org.apache.derby.client.am.SqlException: DERBY SQL error: SQLCODE: -1, SQLSTATE: XJ040, SQLERRMC: Failed to start database 'netconf' with class loader 



Unable to determine exact cause at this time, but it is suspected to be either due to an ungraceful shutdown of NCM services or upon starting up there is insufficient disk space.



  1. Disable NCM component
  2. Move the files under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\database\derby\netconf\log into a temporary/backup directory (e.g. C:\temp)
  3. If the file exists, move the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\database\derby\netconf\db.lck into a temporary directory
  4. Enable NCM component. Confirm connectivity (through UI) and confirm operability by running 'tail -f <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs\netconf.log' and look for "ZAP Startup Completed in". If it failed, it would log something like: "3 bundles failed to start" following the "ZAP Startup Completed in".




All versions of Traverse


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