Tip: Netflow Report with no data


I am specifying the flow collector source as the source IP address. When I try to pull a netflow report I get the following output, "Unable to locate flow data. This may be caused by no flow data being available for the specified time period."



By design, the Flow Analysis console displays different flow data based on whether or not the selected device is a configured flow source.

For a device that is configured as a flow source, the Flow Analysis Console will present data about the traffic flowing through the device (i.e. traffic it is forwarding). Generally, it will initially display the top 10 sources (or destinations) for traffic passing through this flow source.

In the case of a device that is not a flow source, the Flow Analysis Console will present traffic for which the device is the traffic source.

However, the netflow reports always treat the source address as the traffic source.  Therefore, in the netflow reports, the 'Source IP Address:' field is not the flow collector source, but rather, it is the IP address of the traffic source.

Determine the DGE extension (DGEx) that is monitoring the site at which the device exists.

Navigate to Reports --> Advanced --> Netflow and pick the report of interest (say Top Sources)

In the ensuing form, select;
Duration: Today or as required
DGE (flow collector), please select the DGEX determined above
Source IP Address: please select 'All'
Destination IP Address: please select 'Any Device'

Please leave the other fields at the default values.

You may review the results and determine what additional filters you may want to apply and rerun the report.

For your needs, one of the filters you may consider is to leave:
Source IP Address:unfilled
but to set
'IP Address Filter:' under Source to an IP rage of interest (such as for example).



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