UniView Integration for Spanning Salesforce

Spanning Backup for Salesforce, is pleased to announce our latest IT Complete integration with the Unitrends Cloud Backup Portal (Depending on your market it may also be known as: Backup.net, Unitrends MSP, UniView 2.0)


Managing backups can take up to 33% of a technician's time and this only gets more complicated when protecting multiple platforms with multiple backup technologies. Our upcoming integrations are aimed at reducing this burden by providing Backup Status, Tenant Information and more directly through our Unified Backup Portal.


Configure UniView integration 

To get started you will need to log into UniView and navigate to the Protect page. You can read a short version of the integration below. If you need more details, please check UniView documentation.

Initial configuration requires access to the tenant as a Global Administrator:

  1. Select any tab below like "Microsoft 365", "Google Workspace" or "Salesforce"
  2. Click button "Add Customer"
  3. Select Organization
  4. Select Platform
  5. Choose from possible options:
    • Login to Spanning Backup for Salesforce as a Global Administrator by clicking Add
    • Copy Invite Link

SF integration.jpg

Disable UniView integration

Our team is working on a more flexible solution to disable the integration. However, at this moment, you can disable the integration at any time by contacting our support team.


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