KaseyaOne IT Complete Single Sign-On for Spanning Salesforce

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is pleased to announce the integrated authentication option for Kaseya One or KaseyaOne. This feature enables the seamless authentication to Spanning Backup for Salesforce via KaseyaOne using just one login for any Kaseya products. The control of the feature lies inside Spanning Backup for Salesforce. This feature makes management of Kaseya product line significantly easier for Managed Service Providers, SMBs and MMEs who use multiple Kaseya products. This alternate authentication also removes the requirement for Salesforce Administrators to provide additional credentials to partners who manage their backups, further securing their Salesforce organizations. 

Configure KaseyaOne IT Complete Login 

KaseyaOne IT Complete Single Sign-On is configured in the Spanning Backup for Salesforce. Initial configuration requires access to the tenant as a Global Admin only.  

  1. Login to Spanning Backup for Salesforce. 
  2. Navigate to Settings. 
  3. Navigate to Integrations. 
  4. Locate the Login with IT Complete setting and turn it on - Enabling the feature will allow the VSA, UniView or KaseyaOne Administrators access to the Spanning tenant without providing Salesforce Credentials. 
  5. Move to KaseyaOne Integration card and Click on Link Organization. It will launch Salesforce login page to prove that the person who is linking is a global administrator for that organization.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 101312.png

Once you login as global administrator you will be redirected to the KaseyaOne IT Complete login page:


You will need to login with your KaseyaOne Company master user to make a connection between Spanning company and KaseyaOne company.

Once the link is established, any KaseyaOne user who has the Spanning Admin attribute enabled will have the  ability to login into Spanning tenants which linked to the KaseyaOne Company of that user.

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 16.40.46.png

Note that while logged in to Spanning Backup for Salesforce all activity is audited and listed in the Activity Log as your KaseyaOne identity. 

Disable KaseyaOne IT Complete Login and Link

You may disable the KaseyaOne integration at any time by removing the link to KaseyaOne Organization and disabling Login With IT Complete toggle. This will disable the integration and require Administrators to use Salesforce Credentials to login to Spanning Backup for Salesforce.

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