Java Out of Memory Error When Importing URL Transaction Test Scripts


Importing URL transaction test scripts will not finish in environments with a large number or devices and tests provisioned. 


By default, the maximum memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine is 256 megabytes. When you import the test scripts, the procedure attempts to load all the devices/test objects and 256 megabytes are not enough to load very large environments. 


Near the end of the 'TRAVERSE_HOME\database\schema\alter>\' script there is a reference to 'Xmx256m' (maximum memory allocated to Java Virtual Machine):

"%JAVA_CMD%" -Xmx256m ^
-XX:-UseSplitVerifier ^
-Djava.ext.dirs="%INSTALL_DIR%\apps\jre\lib\ext;%INSTALL_DIR%\webapp\WEB-INF\lib" ^
-Dlog4j.configuration="file:///%INSTALL_DIR%\etc\log4j.conf" ^
-Dnetvigil.config="%INSTALL_DIR%\etc\" ^
com.zyrion.traverse.utils.DeepWebTestScriptInserter ^
"/%INSTALL_DIR%\etc\emerald.xml" "/%IMPORT_FILE%"

Change it to 'Xmx512m' to allocate 512 megabytes to the Java Virtual Machine.



All versions of Traverse

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