How to connect to the WMI Query Daemon?


How to connecting to the WMI Query Daemon?



You can connect to the WMI Query Daemon on the BVE, DGE or DGEx to manually send WMI get commands to test and troubleshoot WMI.


  • Be on a BVE, DGE, or DGEx where the WMI Query Daemon Traverse component is installed or be on a machine that can access one of those machines mentioned previously.

To connect to the WMI Query Daemon using Telnet

If you have telnet installed on your Windows or Linux server:

telnet n.n.n.n 7667

where n.n.n.n is the IP address where the WMI Query Daemon is located. If you are already on the machine directly, you can use or localhost.

To log into the WMI Query Daemon, the command is:

2 login wmiuser fixme
The WMI Query Daemon may require you to hit Enter several times until you are able to submit the login command.
Once logged in, you can use the following commands:
  • 2 GET <wmi query>
    (format: 2 get \\HOSTIP\Win32_LogicalDisk:FreeSpace:DeviceID="C:" DOMAIN\USER\PASSWORD)
    Where \Win32_LogicalDisk:FreeSpace:DeviceID="C:" is the WMI Property of the Test in question
  • 2 WALK <wmi query>
  • 2 BROWSE <wmi query>
  • 2 GETSTATS <reset | threads>
  • 2 LOGLEVEL <trace | debug | info | warning| error | fatal>



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