service.log and jms.log growth in Windows




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    Bill Leinauer

    Just removed 14GB+ with the copy command.


    Is there a reason why the settings are at 7 days to begin with in the xml?  Also an update to the file will be over written with upgrades.


    Can this be added to the next patch so that the service log only gets saved for 7 days like the other logs?

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    Ben Smeele

    Just an FYI the info above states it will make a new file every hour and then only keep maxHistory (7 copies) so its 7 hours of logs not days. If you want to change this you need to change the FileNamePattern and take the -HH off of it so that it will creat a file every day and then set macHistory to the number of days you want.


    Agree with last comment I just removed 55gb of service log from my system. Would be nice to see this a bit cleaner in the next patch or a way to have it so certain files like these are not overwritten.

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