Installing an existing DGE Extension (DGEX) to a new location or a new server

What are the steps to install an existing DGE Extension (DGEX) to a new location or a new server?

With the exception of the optional collection of Netflow data, a DGE extension forwards all data collected to the upstream DGE. This makes it possible to re-install the DGE extension without losing configuration or historical test data.

Therefore, in order to move a DGE extension installation to a new server or new drive, simply;

  • If Netflow collection is enabled on the DGE extension (check Superuser->Global Config->Netflow Collector), then save a copy of the 'TRAVERSE_HOME\apps\silk\data' folder to retain the flow data collected
  • Uninstall the Traverse DGE extension software
  • Reboot the machine
  • Install the Traverse software in the new server or location
  • If necessary, restore 'TRAVERSE_HOME\apps\silk\data' from the copy created earlier
  • Reboot the machine

Also, the firewall rules must be set up so that the DGEX is able to access the BVE and the upstream DGE. The port list may be found

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