How to use SNMP v3 in the MIB Browser?


How to use SNMP v3 in the MIB Browser?



You cannot use the MIB Browser to perform a walk or get on a device configured for SNMP v3. 

The SNMP v3 credentials are not being entered in the SNMP Community text field correctly.

To be able to use SNMP v3 in the MIB Browser:

  • Make sure 3 is selected in the drop down menu for Snmp version.
  • Enter the SNMP v3 credentials in the Snmp Community text field in the following format: user:password:key

Keep in mind that this format must be kept. Meaning that if the credentials do not have an authentication key, then the format is: user:password:. Also, if you only have a username configured for the credentials on the SNMP v3 device, then the format is: user::. Therefore, even if you are missing parts of the authentication string, the colons still have to be explicitly typed.



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