Troubleshooting: unable to create a tunnel to a device

To verify that the Remote Access component is configured correctly, please log into a DGE or DGEx and using the command prompt or terminal:


The below example is for a Windows install. (For a Linux install, replace \ with /)

  1. cd <TRAVERSE_HOME>          where <TRAVERSE_HOME> is the Traverse installation directory
  2. Run the command: 

    apps\dropbear\bin\dbclient -T -N -y -g -I 900 -i "<TRAVERSE_HOME>\apps\dropbear\etc\dge_rsa_client_key.db" -L 1111: -l user -p 7654 n.n.n.n

    where <TRAVERSE_HOME> is the Traverse installation directory
    n.n.n.n is the publicly accessible IP address of the BVE.

A successful connection looks like this:


For further troubleshooting, please

* attach a screenshot of the above commands on your sysytem
* zip and upload the <Traverse Home>\apps\dropbear directory to the associated ticket


Please do not upload any attachments to this article.



Traverse 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 8.0

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