Maximum size is reported incorrectly for SNMP monitoring (Test Rediscovery)


Maximum size is reported incorrectly for SNMP monitoring.

When tests for disk monitoring are added to Traverse they initially report the correct disk size. If the disk size is changed (for example if the disk is expanded to a larger size) then Traverse does not automatically detect the new disk size.



Option 1: Manual Test Discovery:

For a device which is reporting incorrect maximum values

Select Administration → Devices → Tests → Create New Standard Tests

Select the relevant monitor type (eg snmp, wmi)

Tests with a new maximum, such as increased disk space, memory, etc. are shown highlighted, with updated information

You can now choose to update these tests and after two polling cycles the tests will show updated results.


Option 2: Automatic Test Rediscovery:

Firstly enable Automatic Test Rediscovery (as a Represented Department user)

Select Administration → Other → Test Parameter Rediscovery

To avoid new tests being discovered and only updates to existing test parameters, the test rediscovery parameters should be configured as follows;


Action For New Tests: - Log Only

Action For Updated Tests: - Update & Log

Action For Deleted Tests: - Log Only


Now you can Enable Test Parameter Rediscovery on a per device basis

Select Administration → Devices → Update link for a device

Select Enable Test Parameter Rediscovery → Submit


Enable Test Parameter Rediscovery on a per device basis (Traverse 9.4 and higher)

Administration → Devices → Select the row of the device


Select Advanced, scroll down to the bottom and select the 'Enable Test Parameter Rediscovery' checkbox. Confirm the correct settings are selected and choose apply to start the test rediscovery.


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