TCP connections plugin monitor


How to deploy TCP connections plugin monitor?



To deploy the attached plugin monitor, unzip the contents of the zip archive into the directory 'TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\monitors' on the BVE to create this file and folder:

  • TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\monitors\connCount.xml
  • TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\monitors\tcpconn\

Confirm on the 'Superuser->Health' page that the plugin files have been distributed from the BVE to the other servers by observing that the 'Config Rev#' number been incremented, then

  • Navigate to 'Superuser->Health->Actions' to select 'Reload Config Files' from the 'Action' menu for the BVE and the DGE
  • Restart the DGE component

To provision a test to alert when the number of connections to the provisioning server is less than the expected 4 connections (2 from the DGE component and 2 from the Message Handler):

  • Navigate to 'Administration->Devices'
  • Select 'tests' link for a DGE device
  • 'Create New Standard Tests'
  • Select 'Create new tests by selecting specific monitors'
  • Check the box for monitor type 'tcpconn' then 'Add Tests'
  • Select test category 'TCP Connections Windows' then 'Continue'
  • Check the box to the left of 'TCP Connections Windows' (to provision the test)
  • Set 'As Test Value Rises, Severity' to 'descends'. So 4 or greater is Ok, 3 or less is Critical.
  • Change the test interval to 5 minutes
  • Select 'Provision Selected Tests'
  • Return to the test (Administration->Devices->Tests) and change the name to 'Traverse Poet Connections'

To monitor for other types of connections simply use a different port number, thresholds and name for the test.


7651 - ProvDB

7653 - JMS

7654 - Tunnels



All versions of Traverse


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