How to extract and insert Web Transaction Test Scripts


How to extract and insert Web Transaction Test Scripts


Under the GUI we can create and remove Web Transaction tests (Administration > Other > URL Transaction Test Scripts).

To review the script steps, the script needs to be "extracted" as XML and the XML reviewed.

Likewise, to import or insert/create a script, an appropriate XML file is to be created and the XML "imported" to create the script. This is especially useful when creating scripts that use a URL that is accessible to the DGE/DGEX network alone and not accessible from the BVE. (Ordinarily, when creating a script from the Traverse web interface, the URL must be accessible from the BVE).

 * Exporting scripts


Let's assume there are two scripts (Administration --> Other--> URL Transaction Test Scripts) currently associated with a department - each simply accessing the URL


  1. script named Yahoo accessing the URL
  2. script named CNN accessing the URL


To manually export the script:

Under Windows:


Ensure that the file< TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\deepWebTestScripts.xml does not exist or rename/delete if one exists

run: < TRAVERSE_HOME>\database\schema\alter\

This will create the xml file< TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\deepWebTestScripts.xml representing the existing set of scripts.

Under Linux:


run: < TRAVERSE_HOME>/database/schema/alter/

(Attached is the file (renamed) original deepWebTestScripts.xml for reference)


* Importing scripts


In this example, a new script named 'My Intranet' is added using the insert script. This script accesses the URL In this simplified example, only the page is accessed. No forms are filled, nor is the content of the page checked for the existence of a string, etc. This script uses one of the pre-existing scripts created from the Traverse web application as a starting point. The pre existing script must access a URL (accessible from the BVE) and perform a similar set of actions - such as checking for the existence of a string on a page - as the final script is to execute with the final URL. In this simplified example, the script only accesses the URL and we shall use Yahoo as an example.)

Export the scripts as described in the prior section.

Next, backup the file etc\deepWebTestScripts.xml in case you need to get back to it.

Edit the file etc\deepWebTestScripts.xml (you may need to use an appropriate editor and turn on word wrapping. An editor that supports XML display is recommended)

Find the existing transaction script that mimics the final script you would like to create (in this case, the existing script is Yahoo). Snip all other transactions from the file. Make necessary edits to the existing script - such as script name, script URL and any other changes to form inputs, string checks on the page, etc.
(In this example, a new script is being added - called My Intranet and accessing the URL

Next, replace accountSerialNumber="0" with the correct department serial number. To determine the department serial number, login to the web application as superuser, navigate to Administration--> Departments --> hover on the 'Create User' link for the department. In the status at the bottom left, a URL such as will be displayed. The accountId is the department serial number. In this example it is 49.

You may next edit this xml and add additional scripts, each contained within the tags< com.zyrion.traverse.model.testconfig.deepweb.DeepWebTestScript accountSerialNumber="0" ... and< /com.zyrion.traverse.model.testconfig.deepweb.DeepWebTestScript>.
(In this example, only one additional script is being inserted)

Update <objects count="N"> with N being the number of scripts being inserted.

(In this example, the count is 1)

(The attached file 'anatomy of changes.PNG' captures the edits to be made)

Save the file as< TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\deepWebTestScripts.xml
(An example file deepWebTestScripts.xml is attached)


Insert the script into Traverse by running the following command from the command line:


< TRAVERSE_HOME>database\schema\alter\


< TRAVERSE_HOME>database/schema/alter/


If you navigate back to Administration --> Other -->URL Transaction Test Scripts, you will see the newly inserted script in the list here.
(In this example, attached is the file 'final URL test scripts.PNG' showing the newly inserted My Intranet script)


For SaaS customers:


* Download the file "" and unpacked under <TRAVERESE_HOME>/utils on the DGE extension

* With your favorite text editor modify in both files (names as above) the correct INSTALL_DIR to reflect your <TRAVERSE_HOME>



After this, you would be able to follow the exact same steps as above.


All versions of Traverse



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