Troubleshooting Message Handler


How to troubleshoot Message Handler?


Syslog messages are not appearing in the Event Manager from any servers. How can you test if the Message Handler is working correctly by generating syslog messages locally?



Check if Windows Firewall or any other Firewall/AntiVirus application is blocking the syslog messages from reaching Traverse and allow incoming traffic on port 514.


Troubleshooting Steps

Syslog uses port number 514

Run a netstat command to determine which process ID’s (PID) is listening on port 514



Open Task Manager to determine the process name which corresponds with the PID



The message handler process listens on port 7693.

Run netstat command again to determine if the PID corresponds to the message handler process.


Use a syslog message generator tool to confirm that the messages are being received.




Tail the <Traverse Home>\logs\messages.log to see the generated syslog message




All versions of Traverse

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