Traverse - AWS instances are unreachable


AWS test are coming unreachable



BVE logs/error.log  will return an error like:

 Session$HttpRequestRunnable[Thread-2921]: (INFO ) Unable to execute requests against : Invalid return code :[400] for request :[] with variables :[{, region=us-east-1, timestamp=-300, username=AKIAIQTAO5EYXFH, extractHeaders=, xmlRequest=true, password=eDAX71Q4c4ogA0a5izQp6h1ea5/jonB0G6Mu7HSE, servletPath=/?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIQTAO5EYXFAQ&Action=ListMetrics&SignatureMethod=HmacSHA256&SignatureVersion=2&Timestamp=2016-07-12T15%3A58%3A31Z&Version=2010-08-01&Signature=iWaWITx%2F%2BACs4ZW3AdqYKezNS%2BM3vECEerAQZkMPdBM}]

  • Verify the access key is valid (
  • Please verify the NTP in the DGEx server is properly sync (as due security matters, more than 300s will return an error from AWS)



All versions of Traverse

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