NCM backup fails with "Problematic XML: null"


When attempting a backup (manual or scheduled), the backup fails and provides the following error when clicking the error details icon: Unexpected EOF; was expecting a close tag for element <cisco:ZiptieElementDocument>

at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [2,0] 
Problematic XML: 


Once adapter logging is enabled, attempt a manual back up of the device to generate the log. Assuming that either SCP or TFTP protocols are enabled in the settings, it is possible that the backup may be failing due to SCP or TFTP. Reviewing the adapter log will provide a better idea if this may be the case.

An example of TFTP or SCP failing within the adapter log:
2016-06-08 15:34:02 [ZipTie::Adapters::Cisco::IOS::GetRunningConfig] Could not open the retrieved running configuration file stored in 'C:\Windows\TEMP\leAz09x8Gl' at D:\Install\apps\netconf\adapters\\scripts/ZipTie/Adapters/Cisco/IOS/ line 122



Disable TFTP and SCP protocols within the NCM settings.

At the time of writing this our development team is currently working on providing better clarity to the error details when the issue is attributed to SCP or TFTP failing (i.e. TFTP or SCP may not be supported by the device).



All versions of Traverse


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