Traverse: Troubleshooting device discovery or device dependency issues


Device(s) or device dependencies are not discovered during a network discovery


In order to collect the logs to troubleshoot dependency issue you need to follow steps:

(in case the discovery is on a DGE Extension - DGEX - the below steps need to be done on the DGEX and not the upstream DGE)

  1. Shutdown all Traverse services

  2. Log on to the server that has DGE installed

  3. Backup and remove any file under

    a. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\logs

    b. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\report

    c. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs

  4. Backup the configuration file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\

  5. Edit <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\ and set "netvigil.discovery.saveshipments=true"

  6. Startup Traverse's services

  7. Run the discovery again (Administration > Discovery > New Discovery link)

  8. Wait until Traverse generates the result, please zip and send in the following log file

    a. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\logs

    b. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\report

    c. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\config

    d. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs
  9. Please also upload any of the following files as well:

    a. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\*.dsc

    b. <TRAVERSE_HOME>\topology\*.nvd

Note: Please do not attach files to this article. Please attach the files on the Support ticket that is opened.

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