Traverse software access links

It is strongly recommended that you ensure that the DGE/DGEX is operational and monitoring has resumed after any upgrades


The most current Traverse software (9.5.060) release

Release Notes at:

Please note the minor release updates on the left panel. You need to click on a specific minor release to view the change list.

DGE Extension:





9.4.048 Software at:

DGE Extension:





9.3.017 Software at:

DGE Extension:



For Traverse SaaS customers:

* determine the Traverse software revision by logging into the web application and clicking the About link
* Open a support ticket providing the software revision
* The Operations team will coordinate a schedule for the upgrade.
* It is highly recommended that the DGEX be upgraded at the time that the SaaS instance is upgraded.


Prior Release download links:

Prior Traverse 9.4 Releases

Prior Traverse 9.3 Releases

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    Chris Chupela

    Is 9.3.008 a GA release, or is it BETA? when I download and install in a test environment, the about link in the web UI reports this is a BETA version. 

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