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How do I get the most current Traverse software?


Please read this note and then reference the links below. Read down for links to prior versions.

It is strongly recommended that you ensure that the DGE/DGEX is operational and monitoring has resumed after any upgrades 

The most current Traverse software release is 9.6.12 as of November 21st, 2022. (Traverse Build 9.6.408)

IMPORTANT - From 9.6.1 onwards, we have doubled the memory allocation for all components on the BVE/DGE's/DGEx's. Please see new recommended minimum requirements below -

DGEx Minimum Requirements

BVE/DGE Minimum Requirements

IMPORTANT - There is an issue with External authentication in 9.6.1/9.6.2/9.6.3, please do not upgrade to either if you have LDAP authentication enabled.

IMPORTANT - Please ignore this note if upgrading a Windows BVE instance to 9.5.13 or later

1. Prior to a Linux upgrade, please install the package 'expat-devel.i686' if not already installed. Typically, execute:

      yum install expat-devel.i686

2. After a Linux upgrade of the BVE server to 9.5.15 or later, the below commands must be run

      cd TRAVERSE_HOME/apps/netconf/crates
      rm *

The above steps are required for the NCM Component to start up (on a Linux BVE upgrade) 

Release Notes at:

Release Notes

DGE Extension:

Windows DGE Extension


Linux Software

Windows Software

WMI Tools - Windows WMI tools software to aid Linux installs


Earlier 9.6 Versions


Earlier 9.5 Versions

9.4.048 Software at:

(Please note since the release of 9.6.x, Traverse version 9.4.x is no longer supported)

DGE Extension:


Previous 9.4 versions

9.3.017 Software at:

(Please note since the release of 9.6.x, Traverse version 9.3.x is no longer supported)

DGE Extension:


For Traverse SaaS customers:

  1. Determine the Traverse software revision by logging into the web application and clicking the About link.
  2. Open a support ticket at to request an update.
  3. Our Operations team will coordinate a schedule for the upgrade.
  4. It is required that the DGEX be upgraded at the time that the SaaS instance is upgraded.

Prior Release download links:

Prior Traverse 9.5 Releases

Prior Traverse 9.4 Releases

Prior Traverse 9.3 Releases

All versions of Traverse

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