Making Bulk Updates to Scheduled Config Management Backups

Article to quickly highlight how applying a bulk update to the scheduled configuration management (NCM) backups on a department basis can be accomplished. This requires access to the BVECLI/BVEAPI.

  • Make sure BVE API is running (assuming you have BVE access e.g. <TRAVERSE_HOME>/etc/bveapi.init status or from Traverse Service Controller
  • telnet/ssh to your BVE on port 7661

telnet 7661

  • Log in as admin/superuser using:

e.g. login superuser traverse

  • represent into the department by providing a user login from that department:

user.represent "loginname=USERNAME"
e.g. user.represent "loginname=traverse"

  • apply the bulk update to all devices (only devices that have NCM enabled will be applicable even though the update is applied to all devices):

device.update "devicename=*", "configBackupFrequency=TIMEINMINUTES"

e.g. (for 12 hour frequency)
device.update "devicename=*", "configBackupFrequency=720"

e.g. (for 1 day frequency)
device.update "devicename=*", "configBackupFrequency=1440"

  • to represent into a different department:


user.represent "loginname=DIFFUSERNAME"

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