Monitoring Exchange Servers

I would like to monitor Exchange Server metrics

Temporarily disable the on load verification. This is needed as not all Exchange servers appear to share a common metric

1. Ensure service is set up with the proper account


Once this step is complete, please perform the discovery one more time. If no Exchange server tests are discovered, follow the next step below.
If Exchange server tests (such as Number of Messages Sent) are discovered, please stop here


2. Temporarily disable the on load verification

Please make this change on the DGE/DGEX monitoring the Exchange server

* Back up TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\90_wmi_ms_exchange_2007.xml - move out of TRAVERSE_HOME\etc to a temp directory such as the Desktop
* Edit TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\90_wmi_ms_exchange_2007.xml
* modify

      <method value="pdh"/> 
      <verify type="count" 
        object="\MSExchange ADAccess Caches(*)\LDAP Searches/Sec"

* so that it is

      <method value="pdh"/> 

* Save the file
* Perform the discovery


3. Reinstate the original file
* Ensure that the original version of the file is restored once the discovery of Exchange tests is complete.

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