How to determine the vCenter that a device was auto provisioned from


I have devices which say that they are auto provisioned from vCenter configuration. How can I find out from which vCenter were they auto provisioned?


There are three possible ways:

1. from the GUI:

* represent into the department
* navigate top Administration --> Devices
* click on the 'Device Dependency' link at the top left
* Find the discovered device in the 'All Devices List' and select it
* the lower right panel will display the vCenter
* Hit Cancel


2. from the Traverse CLI tool:

This example is on a Windows BVE server; please fill iln the username and password as appropriate

 cd TRAVERSE_HOME\utils --host= --username=____ --password=_____ --exec="dependency.list 'devicename=*discovered*" --format=csv --fields=deviceName,parentDeviceName
serialnumber, devicename, parentdevicename
"380158", " (discovered)", "SJ vCenter"


3. from the BVE FlexAPI server

dependency.list "devicename=*discovered*"
OK 203 request accepted, records returned: 1
... " (discovered)", ... "parentDeviceName=SJ vCenter", "", ...



All versions of Traverse 




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