How to separate DGE component from the All in one installation (BVE+DGE+WebAPP)

This are the steps to split the DGE of the BVE, please let us know if you have any questions.

1 . Install the identical Traverse revision on the (new) destination server but ONLY  install the DGE component. Please keep the same name and same OS (Windows > Windows or GNU/Linux > GNU/Linux)
2 . Stop Traverse software components on the destination server
3 . Stop Traverse software on the (original) source server
4 . Copy the following files and folders from source to destination:



* On the new DGE:

Restore the MySQL databases:

net start nvdgedb


apps\mysql\bin\mysql --defaults-file=etc\mysql.conf --execute="SHOW TABLES" --database="aggregateddatadb" > tables.txt
for /F "skip=1" %G IN (tables.txt) DO @apps\mysql\bin\mysql --defaults-file=etc\mysql.conf --execute="REPAIR TABLE %G USE_FRM" aggregateddatadb >> logs\database_restore.log
apps\mysql\bin\mysql --defaults-file=etc\mysql.conf --execute="SHOW TABLES" --database="processdb" > tables.txt
for /F "skip=1" %G IN (tables.txt) DO @apps\mysql\bin\mysql --defaults-file=etc\mysql.conf --execute="REPAIR TABLE %G USE_FRM" processdb >> logs\database_restore.log



* On the BVE:

5 . Disable DGE service
6 . Start all other services
7 . Log in to the Web Application
8 . Change the IP address of the old DGE to the IP address of the new DGE.
9 . If applicable point the DGExs to the new upstream DGE IP/FQDN

* On the DGE:

10 . Start all the services.

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